30 October 2012

"Ready" is for the Other Guy...Until You Find You Aren't

Being prepared for a weather or seismic event cannot hurt. However, not being prepared can hurt and may impact others. Think outside the box here. A quiz follows.

I started to write this blog entry before Hurricane Sandy made its way up the East Coast, but my electricity went out. I do not have a UPS for my modem and router. You see, no one is ever completely prepared. Unfortunately time and money are key components to preparedness. But even with the best planning and preparation, there are many, many people who were and are affected horribly by this storm. My sincere sympathy and empathy to those who are suffering.

This piece is for those who are, thank G-d, safe and secure, but nevertheless did not think seriously about storm preparation. Maybe they will be unnecessary victims in the next weather or seismic event if they don't learn from this event.

Consider the world village - or even better, your own neighborhood. Let's say you don't think you need to be ready for a natural weather or seismic event because, you reason, the media is grossly exaggerating the conditions. You've never had a problem, you can just go to a hotel, your parents, kids, ex-spouse, etc. But, in the dark of night, you are startled awake by a loud "CRAAACK".  You reach for the nightstand lamp, but no power and no luck. 

You stub your toe on the exercise bike/clothes rack near the bedroom door. Groping your way on darkened stairs and shuffling into the kitchen, you fumble under the sink and find the flashlight. It weakly flickers "on" after a couple of palm-whacks. You don't curse your misfortune, because you know the batteries were left from a block party  a couple of years ago and the flashlight is one of those old, cheap-o plastic ones that your kid bought for $7.99 at his summer camp store a long time ago.

The slapping of rain and rustling leaves in the wind seem louder than past storms, almost like there is no wall between you and the downpour. Then you feel spray of water and the warm, moist air on your face. As you peer out the shaking kitchen window into a dark, suburban landscape, you make out the huge shade tree in your front yard - now a fallen gargantuan silhouette splintered through the attached garage where your car is parked. You open the garage passage door, torqued slightly and you see the separated wall from the house framing. As you peer at the dimly lit wreck through the pitch, branches, leaves and tempest; the flashlight predictably dims and dies.

So, there you are, no light, no car, rain pouring into your garage and house. Do you ask a neighbor for a couple of batteries? Call someone to come get you? Land-line phones are out, your cell phone is on the car seat, soaked.

Could you have left the area; packed a bag and gone somewhere? What if the power is out for days or weeks? Do you have a plan to deal with the emergent nature of this scenario? How will you contact your family, work, home, insurance providers, credit card companies, mortgage and other creditors, banks, etc. If you have a Plan "B", how will you get there and what resources will you have at your disposal? Do you have a "portable office" with back-up data, password keys, important numbers, etc. Cash, food (1,200 to 2,000 calories per day, water (1 gallon per day), meds, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes, etc.

If you don't have enough of the answers, please visit American Red Cross: Prepare an Emergency Plan No, there is no quiz. Just do it. Good luck, and thank you for taking care of business and being more self-sufficient. Help others who cannot prepare as you now have, send a GIFT TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS*. American Red Cross
"Whether the weather be fair, nor whether the weather be not; whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot; we'll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!" An olde Red Cross Aquatic & Small Craft School ditty.
*"The American National Red Cross is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the American National Red Cross are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Red Cross' tax identification number is 53-196605."

06 October 2012

Shot to the foot? Support Candidates who Support Your Best Interest!

Paht the First (I). Shot to the foot?
During the state senate campaign and highlighted in the recent debate, several colleagues noted that Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) refers to his challenger, Elizabeth Warren (D) as "Professor Warren."
Quoting several colleagues from a listserv:

Brown makes it a point/
To call Warren, "Professor,"/
Like it's an insult.

That's an old tactic.
I remember in 1990, Bill Weld always called Silber "Doctor."
He also called Silber "Dr. Know-it-all."
It may have worked, since Weld won.

Clearly in 2012 Brown's "Professor" honorific is not out of respect for Warren's position at Harvard University Law School (notwithstanding insistence to the contrary). Rather, it is an attempt to paint her as part of (an imaginary) academic elite, thereby distancing her from the voter base.

Elitism in academia? It is curious that the 1% income group aren't considered "elite" by Scott Brown and his GOP / Tea Party admirers. While they simultaneously rail for better academic achievement in our schools, they hypocritically snub Warren's superior academic achievements with several pale arguments.

Of this republican gaff and others, I believe the most stark is the financial irony at play in this election:
Most of us are in the middle- to low-income brackets.The "1%-ers" in the highest income bracket have their businesses funnel tons of dough $ to republican / conservative causes and PACS. Folks, this translates to: less taxes for them (big businesses and the wealthy corporate officers and directors) and more taxes for us (small solo/independent business owners and wage earners).

We are the people that Elizabeth Warren will represent zealously. I believe that most Massachusetts voters supporting the Republican incumbent are ironically in the same middle- to low-income group as we folks who openly support Warren. So, I cannot fathom middle and low-income Massachusetts republicans and  Tea Party loyalists who, in their collective shot-to-the-foot thinking support the republican incumbent and his anti-education achievement snub.

Paht the Second (II.) Satire never shot anybody, so relax.
On a more satirical note+, I attempt to explain the "anti-education achievement" snub through social science research. It appears from my sources that the anti-education "perfesser" snub especially appeals to voters in a specific demographic, who consider it as an emotional truth.

The following analogy is considered "true" by an overwhelming number of voters in this demographic as reported to me by a very reputable source close to a campaign, but whom I cannot name, as s/he is not authorized to speak on such matters, but knows someone who can:

"Snobbery is to higher education as smaht is to radio talk shows." 

So, what about this so-called demographic? According to those that know, the "I-have-a-shotgun-in-my-pickup-truck-rear-window-rack-or-I-wish-I-did" ("Rear Window") demographic perceives the referenced analogy as an emotional truth based upon conclusions of social research. The Rear Window demographic group also finds personal beliefs affirmed through media outlets and reality TV, much like advertising reinforces post-purchase satisfaction.

Why? Because this group finds a consistency with a belief structure that either: (1) accepts anecdotal opinions as absolute truth (i.e. reality show reality) or, (2) merges emotional opinion and rational fact as equal  (unless it is their best interest to think otherwise - this is the "radio talk show reality").

Snubbery is snobbery? In either case, this Rear Window demographic will use the anti-education achievement snub for self-serving, hypocritical and disingenuous objectives. Simply put, it is far cooler among Rear Windowers to sound ignorant and pan intellect rather than embrace it. I note from the confidential report I received that this phenom only occurs in Massachusetts. It would appear that our colleagues, family and friends in NH, CT, RI and NY are completely rational and always make the correct socio-political assumptions.

That proffered, my source also provided me with the following poll sample and results in support of the "Rear Window" snub premise. Purportedly, 100% of those polled identified themselves as "persons" and also, an overwhelming majority were included as part of the "Rear Window" demographic because they selected at least one of the responses below.

One respondent "Person" provided 489,928,399 responses and footnoted that it would have been 489,928,400 but for one natural person having opted-out. Therefore, this poll is 100% accurate with only a marginal margin of error, so there is no need to ask.

Please complete the following phrase:
I most want a senator who :
A) "...is a delightful couversationalist and I most hope will join me for a libation."
B) "...also has a couple of Honey Boo Boos at home";
C) "...checks the maid's work by bouncing quarters off the bed";
D) "...uses the family's $45,000 pickup like a monster truck on Dot Ave.";
E) "...believes that 'Knowledge is Good'." * 

A) 0%
B) 28.3%
C) 2%
D) 18%
E) 43% 

Conclusion: Totalitarian and fascist regimes eliminated free thought, creativity and intellect from government and society throughout history. Consider on the extreme what Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Castro did to the artists and academics in their countries. Let's be rational and consistent when supporting or criticizing the other guy and not resort to cheap shots, demonizing and stereotypes.

Notes and disclaimers: 
+ This satirical analysis and fake poll does not intend to reference any political office incumbent or candidate. It is a fake poll report indicating the imaginary perceptions of  potentially real persons, so politicians cannot be considered here legitimately. Information was provided to this blog by a reputable third-party and it is reported as true before someone else does. Why should CNN and Fox get all the glory? Should you find that the statistical responses above somehow actually correlate to actual data, you are clearly in error.

*Citing the Faber College statue/motto from the film, "National Lampoon's Animal House"

COMMUNITY HEROES: 11th Annual American Red Cross of Northeast Massachusetts Community Heroes Nominations & Breakfast, Danvers, MA (TH March 21, 2013)

The 11th Annual Community Heroes Breakfast of The American Red Cross of Northeast Massachusetts is March 21, 2013 in Danvers, MA. This year, the venue will be at the fabulous DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore (formerly The Ferncroft).

There are six categories of "Community Hero" for your consideration:

  • Enduring Hero - A person who has made a difference in the community by engaging in many different activities over a long period of time.
  • Community Hero - An individual, couple or family "Good Samaritan" involved with an event, project or on-going effort that directly benefits the community.
  • Youth Hero - A student (elementary, middle, high school or college) who demonstrates leadership qualities or is involved with an event, project or on-going effort that directly benefits the community.
  • Education Hero - an exemplary educator (elementary, middle, high school or college) who is highly qualified, deeply committed to their vocation and is dedicated to improving educational standards both for students and fellow educators.
  • Healthcare Hero - A physician, nurse, home care worker or other healthcare provider who has delivered outstanding services.
  • First Responder Hero - A Firefighter, Police Officer, EMT or other first responder who has performed an act beyond the call of duty.

Nominations are due by January 4, 2013American Red Cross of Northeast Massachusetts:
85 Lowell Street, Peabody, MA 01960
T: (978)-922-2224 F: (978) 922-0325
email: kimberly.ohare@redcross.org

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For information, please contact the Red Cross office at 978-922-2224